About Us

Gone2Far is a Norwegian hard rock band. The band was formed back in 1989 when all the members were located in Hardanger in the western part of Norway. Now we live all over Norway but the band still consists of all the original members:

- Knut Gunnarson Haugland (vocals)
- Kjell Atle Lund (guitar)
- Ørjan Kjos (bass / backing vocals)
- Håkon Soldal (keyboard / backing vocals)
- Jørgen Davidsen (drums)

The name Gone2Far comes from a Racer X tune with the name Gone Too Far. The logo and the alien theme comes from the interest in aliens within the band. We meet up to have a good time making new music and keeping the older ones sharp. The music is very melodic with catchy melodies. It is classic guitar oriented hard rock with some elements from other genres like prog rock, metal, jazz and rock. 

Gone2Far is featured with three songs on the double album "Rock og denslags frå Kvam" released on CD in 1998. The four-track EP called "We Come With Rock" was released in 2018. Singles called "Point Of No Return" in 2019, and “You’re the Man” came out in 2020. In 2021 the band released the song “Hot Nights”. The song catalog of Gone2Far is out on Spotify and all streaming services. Check us out!